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Hand International Inc
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Marketing Strategy
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Posted April 21
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Project Overview

Our organization would like to partner with an SEO specialist to conduct an on-page SEO audit for our website.

We need to better understand the issues that could be hindering our nonprofit’s online visibility and make sure that search engines can crawl and index our website. We would like the audit to assess the strengths or weaknesses of our website: title tags, meta descriptions, duplicate content, content copy, internal links, URLs, broken links, image size, ALT tags, and website speed. The SEO specialist would then provide the next steps for an SEO implementation plan. This plan should include quick fixes that can be implemented by our team immediately and longer-term tactics.

In the realm of our nonprofit, dedicated to aiding children and struggling families, on-page SEO acts as our digital compass, guiding seekers to our cause. It's the invisible hand that ensures our website doesn't get lost in the vastness of the internet but stands out like a beacon of hope.

Through an on-page SEO audit, we refine every word and phrase, strategically placing keywords like breadcrumbs for those in need to follow. It's not about stuffing content with keywords but rather crafting each sentence with purpose and relevance. Imagine a parent, exhausted and overwhelmed, typing their plea for help into a search engine. Our optimized website emerges from the sea of search results, offering them the assistance they seek with ease.

With each audit, we fine-tune our digital presence, ensuring that our mission of sustainable assistance shines through. On-page SEO isn't just about visibility; it's about making a meaningful connection with those who need us most.

In the digital age, being discoverable is essential to furthering our mission. With on-page SEO as our ally, we illuminate the path towards brighter futures for the vulnerable among us, one optimized webpage at a time.

We have a live website built with Shopify. We are prepared to provide the SEO specialist with admin access to our site and any other required tools (CMS detail, Google Analytics, etc.). We are willing to communicate regularly with the SEO specialist and transfer all of the relevant information.


Nonprofit Overview

To provide sustainable assistance to children and families in difficulties.


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Content management