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Avant-Garde Lawyers
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Paris, France
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Posted April 24
Member since 2022-04-19

Project Overview

AGL is a young international nonprofit organization, and we are currently seeking assistance with our social media presence. We are seeking a volunteer who has experience with copywriting, editing, and graphic design as we fill out our social media calendar.

On a weekly basis, we put up content on our social media where we provide updates on our activities as well as updates regarding artistic freedom of expression violations and artists in situations of vulnerability. The project includes helping the AGL Project Executive and Project Assistant with the execution of these tasks.

Our website is, and we are also on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

*Taproot editor's note: Since there is no concrete deliverable specified for this project, volunteer applicants are encouraged to be communicative about the number of hours per week they can commit to social media content creation and the number of weeks they are able to provide pro bono support.

The project is essential for Avant-Garde Lawyers since we want to have a strong visual identity that will help us to grow consistently as an organization. We are open to new and creative ideas.


Nonprofit Overview

Avant-Garde Lawyers (AGL) is a non-profit organisation established in France in 2018. We are an international network of legal professionals specialising in the right to freedom of artistic expression and the rights of artists and cultural actors. AGL works closely with relevant stakeholders in the domain of human rights and artistic freedom.

AGL is supported by the Swedish Arts Council and has been awarded the ‘Paris-Québec’ Prize at the 10th edition of the Pro Bono Awards organised by the Paris Bar Association and the Bar of Québec in 2021.

Avant-Garde Lawyers seeks to address a lacunae in the field of human rights, where the specific experiences and needs of artists are addressed through a specialised use of the law. Our mission is threefold:
1. Use the full potential of the law to ensure access to justice and safe haven for artists in situations of increased vulnerability.
2. Expand the right to freedom of artistic expression through strategic litigation and research.
3. Promote collaboration and exchange amongst lawyers from different jurisdictions to encourage pro-bono culture for the benefit of artists worldwide.


Social media strategy
Graphic design
Copy writing