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ChromaDiverse, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
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San Francisco, California
Marketing Strategy
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Posted April 24
Member since 2020-03-19

Project Overview

We're seeking a volunteer to help us maximize our Google Ad Grant. This project will play a key role in our organization's ability to grow brand awareness and impact community members. This project may include the following activities:
-Development of or updates to our nonprofit's Google Ads strategy
-Assist us in setting up and optimizing our initial campaign.
-Training one or two staff members on how to update Google Ads and monitor their performance
-Setting up integration between Google Ads and Google Analytics
-Making recommendations for future search engine optimization or content management projects that will improve our Google Ads health

Our ideal volunteer has experience with Google Ads and/or search engine marketing and copywriting skills.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts services organization, ChromaDiverse Inc. (CD) leverages technology to bridge the digital divide for underserved dance companies. We empower these companies to preserve, protect, and present their historical assets, such as performance programs, photos, videos, and documents, online.

Our AI-powered software solution, CD SmartCapture™, efficiently extracts information from programs to create an accurate historical chronology in our digital asset management system, the CD DigitalVault™. This system not only streamlines the onboarding of digitized media but also offers powerful search features that amplify a dance company's marketing, educational, staging, and fundraising potential.

Our unique approach extends to CD AlumniConnect, a program designed to capture personal narratives and artists' personal media, enriching their company’s CD DigitalVault. We don't just archive records of performances, rehearsals, and events; we aim to showcase the artistic heritage of these companies and their artists, fostering a public appreciation for dance that transcends generations.

By integrating personal narratives into the broader histories of the dance companies through the CD DigitalVault and providing a user-friendly online interface, we bring these stories to life, making them engaging and accessible to the public. This not only enhances appreciation of artist contributions in the present but also preserves them for future generations. Through this project, we aim to raise awareness, drive engagement, expand our audience for fundraising, amplify our impact, and further our mission of preserving and promoting the rich heritage of dance.

To prepare, we have secured a Google Ad Grant award. We are prepared to set-up someone as a search administrator within our account. In our first session together, we'll brief you on our marketing goals, as well as our mission, vision, and purpose. Your training of our team members on Google Ads best practices will help ensure the long-term successful implementation of the great work you share with us.


Nonprofit Overview

ChromaDiverse Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 that promotes diversity by developing projects in the arts and humanities ​using principles that embrace chromadiversity.


Copy writing
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