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Womens Centers International
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Oakland, California
Marketing Strategy

Posted April 24
Member since 2020-12-10

Project Overview

We are looking for a volunteer to develop a social media strategy for our nonprofit, setting us up for leveraging our social channels to increase brand awareness.

I would like support with social media marketing to increase our audience engagement and also to help get our brand out there. We are an organization that focuses on women and girls economic empowerment through creating women’s centers in conflict, war-infested, and underdeveloped communities where women, girls and children are the most vulnerable. We have never had anyone support us with our social media marketing and we would appreciate extensive guidance in this area.

WCI is an incredible opportunity for someone who supports women & girls empowerment. Participating in this project will be a true experience into the lives as well as journeys of these people and an opportunity for the world to learn more about these ‘forgotten’ people.

We have a folder with all tools that might be needed to use for this project and this includes photos and videos. Our team is able to prioritize this project.


Nonprofit Overview

WCI's mission is to support the creation of safe gathering places for women in resource-poor environments around the world.

Women’s Centers provide vocational and life skills training while fostering women's agency over their lives, promoting mental health and recovery from violence, and enhancing their capacity to build prosperity for themselves, their families, and communities.


Social media strategy