Friends of Refugees Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Clarkston, Georgia
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2017-02-15

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

We have received a Google Adwords Grant for up to $10,000 a month but have not been able to utilize more than $2k. Our limited experience and tight parameters of the grant means we have not been as successful as we would like.Friends of Refugees is the best kept secret in the Atlanta area. As a non-profit we serve one of the largest refugee resettlement areas in the United States. Now, in light of the political climate, getting our message our there and finding new donor support is vital to meeting the needs of a refugee population that is mourning due to executive orders and an increasingly hostile national environment.We have set up several campaigns to direct people to our different programs; each of which might pique different interests. We have added keywords on our own, added others that were suggested by the adwords program and now seem to have hit a wall.


Nonprofit Overview

To provide refugees with opportunities for education, employment and well-being.


Marketing strategy