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Miles Perret Cancer Services
Lafayette, Louisiana
HR Management

Member since 2023-06-29

Session Overview

Our part-time accountant will be going on maternity leave at the end of January, so I'm looking for a part-time fill-in for around 4 months. Ideally, we would find someone who is experienced to make it a smooth transition and limit how much I have to take over her responsibilities. Can you offer advice on finding experienced (and possibly retired) accountants who would be interested in working 20 hours a week for a nonprofit?


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Miles Perret Cancer Services is to serve families in Acadiana fighting and surviving cancer, with care and compassion.

Miles Perret Cancer Services is a resource for individuals and their families fighting, surviving and living with cancer. We are here to provide emotional support, guidance, programs and most of all, hope. Our services are comprehensive and always provided at no charge. No appointment is necessary and there are no qualifications. We are located in Lafayette and our mobile unit extends services to outlying communities throughout Acadiana.


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Hr management