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Voices of Humanity
San Francisco, California
HR Management
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Member since 2019-03-01

Session Overview

I am putting together a plan to persuade the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution establishing a civic/academic/business/government-backed UN Goals Advisory Committee for the purpose of developing detailed proposals on how the goals of the UN may best be implemented and/or supported by the City and County of San Francisco. We have a draft resolution at The first step will be to recruit volunteers from each of the Supervisorial districts to approach the Supervisors asking for their support. I am not sure how best to go about this. We have a small budget - $1200. My time is limited. Do I hire someone to take on the task? Etc.


Nonprofit Overview

Voices of Humanity is an online forum with gender and age equality built in. Our aim is to promote a heartfelt sense of human unity at every geographic level from city to nation to Planet Earth. We are looking to bring in individuals who support the goals of the United Nations or who identify with such marginalized groups as: women, indigenous peoples, other disadvantaged minorities, refugees, veterans, the poor. See


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