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New England Justice for Our Neighbors
Belmont, Massachusetts
Marketing Strategy
2 projects

Member since 2022-01-26

Session Overview

We are very excited to be launching a very large new program! I would really like to get the messaging and announcement of this right, including some possible "branding." Looking for someone who can advise me as to the best steps to take and maybe craft some actual language or suggest basic ideas for images. We serve undocumented youth seeking visas.


Nonprofit Overview

New England Justice for Our Neighbors welcomes immigrants by providing free, expert legal services to low-income immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. In 2022, we touched the lives of 274 clients, providing invaluable legal advice and representation. Living without legal status means lower income, a lack of healthcare and other public benefits, susceptibility to unscrupulous employers, and a life of fear. For our low- and no-income clients, free legal aid and representation is a true lifeline, the difference between fear and tranquility, between safety and deportation, between remaining with family members and being forced to separate from them, often even between life and death.


Marketing strategy