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Casa Romero Renewal Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2022-09-20

Session Overview

We're looking for a volunteer to provide SMS platform recommendations.

We use Little Green Light (LGL) for our modest contact management needs. Unfortunately, it does not have the capacity to send texts -- it is very USPS and email-centric. We serve a lot of young people who only use cell phones (no email) so we can't keep track of them with our primary system. Ideally I'd like to find a way to have the capacity to keep them in our database (LGL) and to send texts to segments of them without a lot of cumbersome workarounds. I've gotten lost as I've tried to research group texting applications.


Nonprofit Overview

In the spirit and method of Ss. Ignatius of Loyola and Oscar Romero, and motivated by the integration of faith and justice, we accompany individuals along the path towards insight, liberation, and service.