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The Trunk Space Arts Inc
Phoenix, Arizona
Accounting & Finance

Member since 2023-12-19

Session Overview

Hi I'm on the board of a nonprofit that is getting its feet off the ground. There are 10 board members who also act as volunteer staff. Unfortunately, none of us have a finance background. I want to brainstorm some ways we can keep track of our finances with a large bank of volunteers. We are an all ages, no-alcohol venue which allows people of all ages to perform their music and present art that might not be welcome in larger institutions. They run shows, take tickets, etc. Right now book keeping is an issue because there isn't a clear process for them to keep track of sales. I'd like to brainstorm about some newbie proof ways of keeping track of ticket sales, concessions, etc. We use Square but no body is perfect.

Along this same line, I'd like to look at what we are selling, brainstorm to identify missed revenue and how to analyze what we do make. I know these are large items, but I am looking for an overview and brainstorming session.


Nonprofit Overview

The Trunk Space is a non-profit 501c3 arts organization. Trunk Space is a meeting place for the culturally curious explorer. We're a place for art, music, experimental theater, performance art, circus sideshows, vaudeville, and other creative acts you just can't pigeonhole. We bring together creative types and weary travelers looking for a home.


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