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ARCH Community Health Coalition, Inc.
Manitou, Kentucky
Accounting & Finance

Member since 2024-03-13

Session Overview

I am looking for advice on making accounting and financial management tasks more efficient. I've been doing the books for my organization from the beginning (about 5 years ago). As the scope of our work has grown, the admin burden, including the books, is taking FAR too much of my time. I passed the need for help with this a long, long time ago. I keep my books in Excel. I have a professional do our payroll, because I was never going to have the time to deal with pay and benefits. I'm at the point where I probably need to "professionalize" my bookkeeping, because I am also getting to the size of the budget that I need to do audits and such to apply for additional grants.


Nonprofit Overview

Our coalition exists to bring together all of the organizations In Hopkins County and our region of rural western Kentucky that play a role in the health and wellbeing of our communities. We will maximize our collective impact by combining our expertise to identify and address all of the medical and socioeconomic root causes of poor health in individuals, families and the community. We will work together to create a unified vision for healthy, prosperous future and a collaborative, integrated, long-term plan to achieve it.