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Transformational Teachings
Crestview, Florida
Accounting & Finance

Member since 2024-03-29

Session Overview

I initiated our current main program - Freedom Small Group Bible Study - in 2021 while I was a medical missionary in Angola Africa. When I returned home to the US, the leaders that I installed in Angola kept the small groups going and have grown from 10 people per semester to over 150 people per semester in 3 different countries so far. I decided to start a nonprofit to support this and other educational efforts - some spiritual, some medical - all in underserved areas of the world. I have primarily supported the efforts of our Freedom Small Group financially. We are feverishly trying to put in place fundraising options but until those are in place, I am continuing to support those efforts financially.

The problem: The Board of Transformational Teachings believes I should be reimbursed for the personal funds I am using to both establish the nonprofit and to pay for our Freedom Small Group expenses.

Help needed: To determine the 'proper' way to loan money to/float my own nonprofit and be paid back/reimbursed legally and without the appearance of fraudulent or unethical behavior.


Nonprofit Overview

Transformational Teachings is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a goal of sharing the Gospel and making Christian disciples who make disciples.

Vision: Empowering individuals in underserved communities, through transformative programs, fostering self-sustaining growth for a better world.

Mission: To offer hope through educational programs that transform both physical and spiritual lives one heart and mind at a time.