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Marinas Ruby Slippers
Apple Valley, California
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2024-04-25

Session Overview

The goal of this consultation session is to develop effective marketing strategies for Marina's Ruby Slipper, a nonprofit organization. The focus is on increasing its visibility and recognition, particularly in support of single working mothers. The session will explore various strategies including nonprofit marketing, donor recognition, support mechanisms for single working mothers, and community building. The ultimate aim is to not only generate revenue but also to raise awareness and foster relationships with potential donors. This will help the organization in its mission to bring attention to the challenges faced by single working mothers.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is clear – to empower and support single mothers by providing resources and assistance tailored to promote healthy coping mechanisms and self-care. We are dedicated to helping these mothers overcome obstacles, guiding them to reach their goals, and making a meaningful impact.


Marketing strategy
Google analytics
Social media strategy
Content management