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More God Movement
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Business Planning
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Posted May 17
Member since 2021-07-30

Project Overview

I have created the bones of a strategic plan for my nonprofit More God Movement ( on FormSwift but I need the research and projections to be more finely detailed.

I have a 3 phase developmental plan:

Phase I, fund & operate a partner TreeHouse & develop a streamlined, step-by-step program to open additional TreeHouses (

Phase II, in working with our local cable company, CCX Media (, and mentors, develop a program to teach marketing and production opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Phase III, purchase initial property to run a portion of the Trauma Healing Immersion Center. Once all phases are operational, the full Community Healing Immersion Leadership & Development Center will pull all the departments together under one roof while still utilizing the existing relationships established in the Champlin/West Metro area of the Twin Cities.

I need assistance in developing timelines, knowing how much funding is needed to get paid, hire, run operations, and prepare to scale to the CHILD Center.

Having a finely tuned strategic plan will attract the right investors. It will also give me the opportunity to apply for large grants that can meet substantial financial needs.

When networking, seeking volunteers, and filling positions to hire, having a clear strategic plan will help people understand where they can best assist and bring their expertise to our organization. As you look over the bones of the organization and see that it aligns with your heart to give back and assist start-ups, you will be providing testimony to the teens that are being mentored. You will be providing the organization with the testimony of the compassionate dedication and desire to see others excel by extending services to those in need. At More God Movement, we desire to highlight the strengths of each community and bring together healthy community unity to allow people to develop their own purpose without fierce competition but rather with fierce support.

I began working with TreeHouse at the beginning of 2021. I thought I would simply volunteer, learn how to develop my own Youth Program, and eventually open a program that reflected my Vision. Instead, I decided to become a partner and open a TreeHouse location in Champlin, MN. On March 30th, I filed the paperwork to begin my journey into the non-profit world. Having no funding, no location to operate, and my eyes being on the greater Vision of the Community Healing Immersion Center, I have worked with coaches, mentors, and friends to streamline an effective strategy to create a strong foundation for a huge Vision. I have several people willing to volunteer with promoting, mentoring, and assisting with back-end work such as accounting and business analysis. I have a Board of Directors willing to assist where needed, but none of them have prior Board experience.

With the Strategic Plan, each person who wants to assist will have a specific directive and be able to stay focused on work that moves the organization forward. Specifically, I have hired someone for social media and website design. I am working closely with a trainer and developer who has extensive Board experience, and I have a person willing to write grants. I will use the elements of the Strategic Plan to assist in pitches that I will make, as well as another volunteer. There are several volunteers waiting for me to have a space to open the TreeHouse.


Nonprofit Overview

Mission Statement: Transforming Today’s Teens into Tomorrow’s Leaders.

We provide foundational structure to individuals building resiliency in the face of trauma. This structure leads them to inner freedom from trauma. When freedom is gained, we continue to provide diverse opportunities for growth in all areas of life through coaching & development. Our Vision is to create a Community Healing Immersion Leadership & Development Resort Center. This center will provide continued mentorships as teens transition into adulthood, create healing spaces for individuals who were not able to receive the help they needed in their youth, and be a training base for trauma-informed care for laypeople.


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