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Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted November 12
Member since 2021-11-09

Project Overview

We have a new experiential social-emotional learning web app that combines several tools and is something that doesn't currently exist on the market, so it can be hard for people to understand. We need a series of infographics that can easily convey this web app's processes and components for the modern human's attention span.Nurturing children’s social and emotional wellbeing is a critical element in their ability to thrive over the long run and an effective preventative measure for depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. Rather than confronting Asia communities’ existing beliefs and biases, we re-frame the purpose and benefits of social-emotional learning to fit into their value systems and technology habits in a gamified format that people readily embrace. Quest Depot ties social-emotional learning into achievement--something this population already values and seeks. This is our top outreach program.We have copywriting and app screenshots available, and we currently have copywriting and app screenshots, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a logo, VIG, and the ability to provide any other information you need. A lot of content is available, and we can rewrite to fit design. Below is a brief overview of what the app does.

Quest Depot integrates psychology, artificial intelligence, omnichannel messaging, and gamification to keep children motivated, achieving, and focused on the big picture. Personal goals are turned into quests at Quest Depot, and users are guided toward their goals in a natural and visual way while participating in interactive activities that cultivate skills for critical thinking, problem-solving, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence tailored for their personal mood trend. curaJOY takes you from start to finish, applying proven mood and achievement-enhancing boosters automatically--behind the scene, keep you away from common pitfalls.


Nonprofit Overview

curaJOY is a 501(c)3 non-profit that improves the accessibility, effectiveness, and awareness of emotional wellness support for families worldwide by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and proven science to create root-cause solutions to support families’ emotional wellness. We partner with the brightest minds--psychologists, educators, parents, and kids--worldwide to develop scalable, inclusive programs that provide unlimited behavioral health and wellness support based on evidence-based practices to promote better family dynamics, personal growth, continued practice, and authentic social connections in real life. Building social and emotional wellness is an effective preventative measure for crime, unemployment, depression, anxiety, other psychological disorders, and societal problems. Our family-centric and multilingual approach aims to engage the most underserved communities, and enable families to become active participants on their growth journey to gain emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, and decrease parental stress and toxic family interaction patterns.


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