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Voice for Asian Elephants Society
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
San Diego, California
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Posted December 02
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Project Overview

VFAES needs an assistant to develop and implement social media strategies for the short term. Our social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We invite a mature youth, 20 years of age and up, to help us save the endangered Asian elephants by using their messaging skills and articulacy, while also ensuring factual accuracy!

An ideal candidate would have solid experience coordinating and assisting a social media team, including writers, graphic designers, and content producers. The person will be responsible to gather all the information and program it on our platforms.

We believe that youth are the wave of our planet's future, and their incredible ideas are key to saving our planet. This project is an excellent investment in anyone's future, as it's also an opportunity to be educated on elephant conservation and create ripples among their circles. Anyone investing their time and talents by utilizing technology to promote the conservation of elephants will be using creativity, critical thinking, communication, and much more! This project is an investment in our planet's future!

We will provide the content, graphics, and other research material. The social media volunteer would have to identify hashtags, emojis, and tags to like-minded groups/celebrities on Twitter and IG in particular, and post the content on our SM platforms. We have a dynamic team of volunteers, mostly professionals from Taproot, who are in tune with our mission and helping create graphics.


Nonprofit Overview

Abolish elephant slavery by educating and enlightening people about the plight of captive and wild Asian elephants, protect them by mitigating human elephant conflicts in captivity and in the wild, and rehabilitate the captive ones in elephant havens where they can roam freely.

VFAES will adhere to core principles grounded in AHIMSA (non-violence) and implement these actions to achieve its mission:

**Through awareness and education, cultivate empathy and reverence for these noble animals and create shifts in public perception regarding the use of elephants in festivals and other forms of entertainment
**Using non-conventional means such as films and experiential learning, empower people with knowledge and information on elephant science, existing animal welfare laws and ethical dilemmas of captivity
**Create elephant havens where the rescued elephants can enjoy freedom, respect, and dignity for the rest of their lives
**Mitigate human elephant conflicts near the forest fringes by using alert systems, GPS collars, installing beehives, and using other means to prevent elephants from entering into human dwellings

VFAES will utilize as an essential educational tool “Gods in Shackles”, a multiple award-winning and United Nations nominated documentary produced by VFAES Founding Executive Director Sangita Iyer. This epic film will cultivate empathy and foster mind shifts, as it reveals the truth behind the glamorous festivals in which elephants are exploited for profit in the name of culture.


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