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EQuip Our Kids!
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Los Angeles, California
Grant writing/development
27 projects

Posted November 30
Member since 2016-07-02

Project Overview is seeking a skilled grant writer to help us raise funds needed to keep our success record of helping American kids develop emotional intelligence and personal life skills that lead to success in school and life and are more needed than ever to help mitigate the youth mental health crisis the U.S. Surgeon General declared. He specifically calls for expanding Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in all U.S. schools, which is our mission.

Our organization plays a significant advocacy role nationally in bringing this emotional intelligence and social skills training into every school's curriculum. We do so based on the evidence that it is the most effective school upgrade and child and youth mental health reform available. We have identified a number of potential funders and seek an experienced and talented grant writer to assist in creating a master grant proposal template and, ideally, help with specific target grants for some of our initiatives. Apart from capacity grants, we also have several difference-making project initiatives that deserve funding.

Ideally, you may also have suggestions about where to submit proposals beyond our target list. For those foundations that don't accept grant proposals, we are seeking private meetings with their leaders and national SEL leaders to address the need for expanding SEL. An experienced grant writer might also share wisdom about best practices at these meetings - and then help create any follow-on grant proposals we are invited to submit.

The need for schools to adopt SEL and its upside is real and cries out for more attention from funders. Even before Covid created a lingering mental health crisis, the funding community was slow to recognize the potential of this movement to create a generation that will not produce the human and societal ills that funders seek to repair, freeing them to invest in societal advancement. We think it is a better time now to make that case.

EQuip Our Kids! Campaign serves as a pro bono advertising, marketing, public relations, and sponsor acquisition organization for the larger Social Emotional Learning movement of many thousands of educators. We specifically support 24 grassroots SEL organizations comprised largely of educators in their quest to get public awareness and support for SEL

You will be helping all these organizations through advocacy work to galvanize the American public to include in every school's daily curriculum education in a range of crucial life skills that include emotional management, relationships, and co-creativity social skills – to the evidence-based profound benefit of children, teens, adults, the schools themselves, and society and business (the economy) as a whole. Please visit our website to learn more about our campaign and to understand our vision, our goals, and our methods.

We are an experienced and accomplished media and marketing team and have a great story to tell and marketing presentations to share that educate funders about the Social-Emotional Learning education movement and our role in it. We have been aided by many Taproot volunteers in various capacities and treat them with caring, high regard in a warm, supportive working atmosphere. It is a team that knows they are making a meaningful contribution to students and families with our collective and collaborative work.


Nonprofit Overview

EQuip Our Kids! intends to be a mass advertising and marketing education campaign whose sole and huge vision is to galvanize the American public to include in every school's daily curriculum education for students and staff in emotional management and in relationship and co-creativity social skills – to the demonstrated and evidence-based profound benefit of children, teens, adults, the schools themselves, and society and business (the economy) as a whole. In education circles, this is best known as Social and Emotional Learning.


Grant writing