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Fostering Hope Louisiana
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Prairieville, Louisiana

Posted February 23
Member since 2023-02-23

Project Overview

Fostering Hope Louisiana is in need of an electronic and paper brochure that creatively reflects our mission, vision, goals and values. This design should serve as an eye catching introduction for those unfamiliar with our purpose and a cue card for supporters looking to spread the word.

This project is a crucial component needed to build on the momentum we have established thus far by engaging community stakeholders who do not yet know their partnership role with our organization. In our two years of existence, we have made great strides in alerting the community about the desperate orthodontic and mental health needs of foster youth. Any volunteer associated with this project not only benefits from having created an invaluable keepsake for their portfolio but may take pride in knowing that their talent will forever be recorded in the history of Fostering Hope Louisiana for posterity.The preparation for this project is encapsulated in the mission of Fostering Hope Louisiana. Fostering Hope Louisiana was imagined in 2014 and established in 2020. With six years of careful consideration, a staff of one volunteer birthed an idea that transformed one life. To date, that idea has transcended from the one to a community of partners that span the entire state of Louisiana. The question is not whether Fostering Hope Louisiana is ready to implement the work, for the work is being done. Rather the question, are you prepared to assume the mantle to take the work where the foundation has been firmly laid for it to go?


Nonprofit Overview

Fostering Hope Louisiana exists to address the oral and mental health needs of youth in foster care thereby cultivating their potential and equipping them to successfully embrace their future. Education is the means by which these goals will be accomplished.


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