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6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
College Station, Texas
Website design
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Posted February 22
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Project Overview

We seek a WordPress developer to create custom post type templates for our WordPress website:

- Create custom post types and taxonomies to organize and categorize our student profiles and their projects.
- Develop custom templates for different post types, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing layout across various content sections.
- Implement custom fields to enable easy content editing and management for website administrators.
- Ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and cross-browser compatibility for optimal user experience.
- Follow best practices in WordPress development, including adherence to coding standards, security, and performance optimization.

- Proficient in WordPress development, with a strong understanding of custom post types, taxonomies, and template hierarchies.
- Familiarity with WordPress coding standards, hooks, actions, and filters.
- Experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, with a focus on WordPress theming and customization.
- Knowledge of responsive web design principles and cross-browser compatibility.

At Teamup, we craft impactful software solutions that tackle real-world problems. Our initiative, "Apps For Good," is dedicated to creating applications that drive positive change, focusing on areas such as environmental sustainability, supporting at-risk communities, and enhancing communication channels. Our platform offers college students the unique opportunity to develop functional prototypes and working pilots, under the guidance of industry professionals.

Our mission is to instill a sense of civic responsibility in the next generation of tech leaders while delivering meaningful contributions to society. By involving students in these projects, we not only address pressing social issues but also enrich their learning experience, providing them with practical skills and mentorship opportunities. Explore our active projects and their societal impact here:

We have already prepared a document explaining our current website platform and its structure.
We will provide the requirements for the customs content type and all the fields needed.


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Teamup is to prepare students for STEM careers while empowering them to create technology for social good.


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User interface design
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