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Colchester, United Kingdom
Mobile Development

Posted March 29
Member since 2024-03-21

Project Overview

We've been developing the iOS version of our app with a team of volunteers at UCLA. The current volunteers have graduated and no longer have time to complete the project. The iOS app is around 80% complete, using Java and Python for the back-end. The app is completely designed and is in Figma. We need your help completing this important project!

We need wonderful people willing to take on completing the remainder of the back-end of the iOS app. The former volunteers are putting together documentation to help with the transition and will be available to answer any questions. We are also currently recruiting front-end developers through a separate Taproot listing so you will have those additional resources.

This project is integral to our mission. Our entire organization is centered around the iOS app, and so it is of the utmost importance that we complete the development of the app in order to be able to start supporting and empowering victims and survivors of sexual violence.

We have sexual violence PhD's advising, trustees who are victims of some of the world's highest profile and most devastating sexual violence cases, cyber security experts, and incredibly accomplished lawyers, all volunteering.

Everyone involved is committed, passionate, and determined to start making a difference in the lives of victims and survivors, and your input would be central to that.

Our former volunteers are preparing documentation to help with the transition. Our code is hosted on GitHub, and our former volunteers are available to answer questions and help with the transition. You will have our full focus and support, as your help is integral to everything we're doing. Once the project is complete, we will push the app out to an initial large group of victims and survivors for testing (we've already completed multiple rounds of smaller beta testing). Having a complete product is also important for seeking out grants/funding - so your completed project will also be key to our fundraising efforts, with our goal being to have a tech team of our own.


Nonprofit Overview

iiDecide is an app that helps survivors and victims of sexual assault and sufferers of inappropriate behavior log incidents of harassment, threats and abuse. Users then have the option of connecting anonymously with other members of the iiDecide community who have encountered the same offender. These connections serve to empower - reducing feelings of isolation and arming users with both information, support and confidence as they consider their next steps. With iiDecide, our goal is to change people’s attitudes and behaviors - bringing sexual abuse and harassment to the forefront of the collective consciousness. To draw attention to the abuse suffered by women, by the lgbtqia2+ community, by people of color, by indigenous communities, by college students and by men. To redefine the cultural zeitgeist. Our primary purpose is to empower victims and survivors. To allow individuals to be heard, encouraging conversations of understanding and support in a safe environment. By connecting victims we can provide a support network of allies and people to talk to. We also have a secondary purpose - of deterring abusive behavior and outing abusers. We want to de-stigmatize sexual crimes and change the perception that they are solely a female issue. They are a global, human issue that affects every person on earth and the responsibility lies with each of us to acknowledge that.


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