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Robin's Nest Rescue
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Ramona, California

Posted March 29
Member since 2024-03-28

Project Overview

We need a new sponsorship deck for our annual fundraiser in October. We just received our nonprofit designation and had a fiscal sponsor previously (and for our first annual fundraiser). We did our sponsorship deck ourselves the first time around and know that we need help in moving forward with a professional sponsorship deck to present to prospective corporate (and individual) donors/sponsors.

We are a young non-profit with little expertise (and no budget!) in creating a sponsorship deck that we can be proud to present to prospective donors. We love to roll up our sleeves and get to work for the sake of our animals and the humans who benefit from caring for them. This project, however, has us stumped -- not only because our time is short, but our expertise in this specific space is limited. We'd love to find someone passionate about helping animals who can help tell our story and help us appeal to corporate sponsors by putting our best foot forward! We've got some great material (the animals, of course!); now we just need a little bit of expert help in getting our message out there.

We have the sponsorship deck that we created last year to start from, so hopefully, that's not totally useless in moving this project forward. More importantly, we are dedicated to making this a successful organization and event. While we all have day jobs (someone has to put food in those feed buckets!), we are all immensely passionate about the animals here and the connection they have to the folks that care for them. We will do absolutely everything we can to ensure we're all successful!


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission at Robin’s Nest Rescue is to provide sanctuary for neglected, abandoned, or abused animals. We share our growing family of rescue animals to provide education and advocacy concerning the gravity of animal protection measures and the critical significance of animal-human bonds.


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