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First Five Fundamentals
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Tacoma, Washington
Accounting & Finance

Posted April 16
Member since 2024-03-04

Project Overview

Help us strengthen our financial efficiency and usefulness! We are looking for a volunteer finance professional to create recommendations and tangible support to implement efficiency tools and develop useful financial models for use by our managers, directors, and board members.

Our two-person finance team consistently receives clean audits and implements accounting best practices. We are looking for tools to increase efficiency (for example: expensify,, paylocity, etc.) to move our system out of emails and survey tools to deepen transparency, create efficiency, and to allow strategic leaders within the organization and board members to easily understand and make use of reporting.

This project could also include conducting a financial reforesting exercise, sample reporting structures, new budgeting process and structure that center strategy, etc. We'd also benefit from a volunteer's recommendations for budgeting best practices for achieving a healthy annual surplus, or creating financial scenarios for periods of increased community need.

We predict that this finance project will take from 36-48 hours to complete. We're hoping that our pro bono partner will be able to use our existing reporting and QBO financial tools to work fairly independently but meet with staff and board to understand the unmet needs of our existing financial reporting. The volunteer would meet regularly with our Executive Director and Deputy Director/COO to review models and address questions prior to project completion.

First 5 Fundamentals has brought on a new Executive Director as of January 1 ,and we are preparing for a community-centric strategic planning process. We are working to ensure a communal understanding of our existing financials and strategy so we can jump into strategic planning thoroughly. Our two-person finance team is managing a $6M budget and doing a lot manually. The fun of a volunteer is that we have a capable finance team and your role will help us be more efficient by developing useful models during a time of change. This is a deeply creative opportunity for a field that is often not treated as creative!

To prepare for this project, we have gathered our budgeting information and will share access to our financial management tools and will support in scheduling discovery calls with directors and board members to better understand how to support making our financial tools, reporting, and processes useful and strategic! We plan to implement the recommendations and tools developed as part of this project within board meetings, strategy discussions, and hopefully updates to our processes if new efficiency tools are recommended around our existing financial processes.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to uphold communities in achieving their collective goals for children and families.


Cash flow forecasting
Financial analysis
Cost analysis