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Hearts Unshackled
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Nashville, Tennessee
Marketing Strategy

Posted May 06
Member since 2024-04-26

Project Overview

Moderate Commitment of 5-10 Hours per week - This is suitable for volunteers who can dedicate time to ongoing campaign management, optimization, and reporting. It allows for regular monitoring and adjustments to improve performance.

We are seeking a volunteer to support the marketing strategy for our nonprofit organization by managing our Google Ads account. We provide a safe haven and essential services tailored to African American women navigating the challenges of an abortion-wounded heart. The ideal volunteer should have experience with Google Ads, including creating, posting, and optimizing ads for maximum reach and effectiveness.
Account Management: The volunteer will manage our Google Ads account, monitor the budget, track key performance metrics, and ensure campaigns run smoothly.
The volunteer will create compelling Google Ads aligned with our mission and objectives. This includes writing ad copy, selecting keywords, and choosing targeting options.
Campaign Optimization: The volunteer will optimize our Google Ads campaigns for effectiveness, analyzing data and making adjustments to improve performance. This may involve A/B testing, refining keywords, and adjusting bids.
Reporting and Analysis: The volunteer will provide regular reports on campaign performance, tracking metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-click. They will also suggest strategies to improve our overall Google Ads approach.
Effective Google Ads campaigns that drive traffic to our website and raise awareness about our organization.
Increased conversions (form submissions, donations, event registrations) from our Google Ads campaigns.
Improved Google Ads management, with clear strategies for ongoing optimization.
Experience with Google Ads, including campaign creation, optimization, and reporting.
Strong understanding of online marketing and advertising strategies.
Ability to work collaboratively with our team to align Google Ads with our broader marketing strategy.
Hearts Unshackled is a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering African American women who have experienced the pain of past abortion. We guide them through a journey of redemption and restoration, providing the tools for healing, self-discovery, and transformation. We're seeking a volunteer to manage our Google Ads campaigns, helping us connect with those who need us most.
We're at a critical stage where effective Google Ads campaigns can help us reach more women in need of support and compassion. This project is vital for our mission to break the cycle of shame and isolation that often follows abortion. By reaching more women, we can offer a safe community where they can find healing and reclaim their self-respect while valuing the sanctity of human life.
Your expertise in Google Ads will directly impact the lives of African American women seeking support. You'll create, manage, and optimize campaigns that align with our faith-based mission, helping us connect with those who are often isolated and stigmatized. This project offers a unique opportunity to use your skills for a cause rooted in compassion and faith.
We currently have a monthly Google Ads Grant budget of $10,000 per month to maximize reach. As a volunteer, you'll ensure effective use of this budget, creating campaigns that resonate with our target audience and further our mission.To prepare for this project, we've drafted an initial Google Ad with relevant keywords and phrases, providing a solid starting point for a skilled volunteer to build upon. The draft ad reflects our mission to guide African American women who've experienced the pain of past abortion toward healing and restoration.

Here's how we plan to implement the project once it's complete:
Refinement and Launch: The volunteer will refine the draft ad by optimizing keywords, ad copy, and targeting. Once finalized, they'll launch the campaign and monitor key metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-click.
Continuous Optimization: The volunteer will continuously optimize the campaign based on performance data. This could involve adjusting bids, experimenting with different keywords, or refining the ad copy to improve results.
Reporting and Feedback: The volunteer will provide regular reports on campaign performance, allowing us to measure success and make necessary adjustments to our Google Ads strategy.
Integration with Overall Strategy: The volunteer's work will align with our broader marketing strategy. This involves ensuring that the Google Ads campaign complements our faith-based messaging and emphasizes the sanctity of human life, a core aspect of our mission.
With these preparations and a clear implementation plan, we're confident this project will significantly boost our ability to reach more women in need of our support. We look forward to partnering with a skilled volunteer who can help us extend our reach and fulfill our mission.


Nonprofit Overview

At Hearts Unshackled, our mission is to empower women who have experienced the pain of a past abortion to embark on a journey of redemption and restoration, where healing, self-discovery, and transformation—both spiritual and emotional—await.

​We provide a safe and nurturing community where individuals can find solace, self-forgiveness, and the necessary tools to build a brighter future.

Our aim is to break the shackles of shame, stigma, and isolation that often accompany abortion experiences. We believe that every woman deserves to reclaim her dignity, self-respect, and a positive self-image.

Through our faith-based personalized and group coaching and support programs, we seek to empower resilience, nurture self-forgiveness, and inspire freedom in the hearts of those we serve.

We are committed to walking alongside our clients in their purpose-discovery journey toward redemption, healing, and a life filled with purpose, hope, and the unwavering knowledge that they are not alone.


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