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Avoidant Personality Research Center
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Meridian, Idaho
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Posted March 02
Member since 2017-05-05

Project Overview

We are a 501c3 that currently gets no donations at all. We have a store on Shopify that sells products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more to raise support for the non-profit. 100% of the proceeds go to the nonprofit.

I'm in need of a graphic designer to develop new designs for us for these products. If you know how to use Shopify, and the POD apps, that would be ideal, so you can actually put your designs on products and import them into the store. But if you don't know this, I can do that.We are a 501c3 non-profit that raises awareness for Mental Health and specifically a condition called Avoidant Personality. Our mission is to raise awareness for Avpd and also help those that are suffering from this horrible condition as well as the Loved Ones that are trying to be in a relationship with them. We have a web site and are planning on replacing that with a new one soon. We have a google grant and a small dedicated team of volunteers. Once this project is done, we will have new designs to put on new products that can appeal to more people to raise awareness and financial support


Nonprofit Overview

Avoidant Personality Research Center (APRC) is a 501c3 nonprofit located in Meridian, Idaho. We focus on mental health and specifically a condition called Avoidant Personality (Avpd). is our old site but we are in the process of creating a new one.

Avpd is a mental condition that includes Major Depression, Severe Social Anxiety, fear of people, fear of going outside, Extreme sensitivity to criticism, extreme sensitivity to Rejection, and much more. See our website for additional details and symptoms.

As I am sure you are aware, mental disorders are running rampant in our society. To see evidence of this, all one has to do is watch the news The news is full of stories of mass killings, suicide, suicide by cops, school shootings, and many other violent crimes.

Many of the people who carried out these atrocities were mentally ill and suffered from conditions like Avoidant Personality. These might have been able to be avoided if the perpetrators had received the help that they needed.

It is to this end that APRC wants to help. We are a small nonprofit with a very big vision. Our mission is to:

• Research and gather data on Avoidant Personality
• Raise Awareness of Avoidant Personality
• Teach Businesses, Churches, Governments, Schools, and anyone else who wants to learn about Avoidant Personality
• Help those that are suffering from Avoidant Personality
• Help Loved Ones who are trying to be in successful relationships with someone who has, or they suspect has, Avoidant Personality


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