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Posted March 26
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Project Overview

We are seeking a skilled HR expert to review/audit our existing Employee Handbook and recommend updates for California and Federal law, as well as any other cultural best practices. Additionally, we would like support in identifying a stock Volunteer Handbook so we may create one for the first time. The Volunteer Handbook is intended to identify ways that our volunteers can appropriately and effectively engage with our mission, while doing so according to our conduct policies. Both handbooks should integrate our EDI policies and the Volunteer Handbook could make use of elements established in our Employee Handbook.

Our Employment Handbook has not had a formal update in a few years. Further, our newly formed Governance Committee is doing the foundational work to ensure that our operating policies receive the kind of review and ratification needed to remain in compliance. Updating the Employment Handbook and creating the Volunteer Handbook serves to create further confidence in our operating policies so we may safely grow.

Our Board's Governance Committee has identified this as a need and will review the existing Employee Handbook to offer questions and comments while the skilled volunteer is auditing it. Our skilled expert would dialogue with our Committee to recommend language for the final version of the Employee Handbook and new Volunteer Handbook. We would also share this with our EDI Committee; again, having the HR expertise of our skilled volunteer is critical to addressing cultural concerns but through the lens of what is within legal compliance. From there, the final documents would be presented to our full Board for ratification. Our staff would implement both Handbooks at that point. We would plan for annual updates.


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We entertain, inspire, and empower with innovative productions that celebrate the LGBTQ community.


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